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QRIS Resource Guide

  • Initial Design Process

    Initial Design Process

    Planning a QRIS requires many considerations, and the process must be handled thoughtfully and with great deliberation because it lays the groundwork for everything that follows... More

  • Accountability and Monitoring

    Accountability and Monitoring

    When a State decides to pursue a quality rating and improvement system (QRIS), it is important to engage providers, partners, and other stakeholders in a strategic process to determine appropriate policies and procedures for accountability and monitoring... More

  • Cost Projections and Financing

    Cost Projections and Financing

    Because financing for the QRIS and its various elements is critical for long-term success, initial planning and sustainability review are important parts of planning... More

  • Approaches to Implementation

    Approaches to Implementation

    Most States have found that full funding for a comprehensive quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) initiative is difficult to achieve initially, even with the redirection of existing resources... More

  • Provider Incentives and Support

    Provider Incentives and Support

    An essential element of a quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) is the support offered to child care providers to assist them in understanding and meeting the standards and quality criteria... More

  • Public Awareness

    Consumer Education

    Assisting parents in understanding, choosing, and evaluating early and school-age care and education is one of the primary reasons States create a quality rating and improvement system (QRIS)... More

  • Standards and Criteria

    Standards and Criteria

    Taken together, standards are used to assign ratings to programs that participate in quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS), providing parents, policymakers, funders, and the public with information about the level of quality... More

  • Data Collection and Evaluation

    Data Collection and Evaluation

    Data collection and evaluation are often an afterthought when developing a new system. The emphasis is usually on the design and implementation because the driving force is the urgent need for the change... More


State Information

State Information